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This area of our site is dedicated to your questions and hopefully the answers from our President, Chip Womack

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I recently viewed your website and seen that you made batteries for 21 and 28 volt beltlights.  I'm wandering if you had any information on where to purchase the pouches that the batteries go into.  Any help you could give me here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello Tim,
Most of our assembler customers have found a seamtress in their area which will sew a pouch for them usually has a seperate flap closure , then they attached the pouch to either a 3" or 4" web belt . Remember a 21+ battery assembly only weighs 1.5 lb , or a 28 volt (19 cells ) is 1.9 lb. If this is for you, personally I would recommend a leather fanny pack.

Best regards,
Chip Womack

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